Are You Afraid of Losing Your Daughter to Anorexia or Bulimia ?

An Essential Guide To Help You Both Escape The Pain of An Eating Disorder

The Parent's Guide to
Fight Your Daughter's Eating Disorder At Home
- The Essential Steps To Avoid Lethal Mistakes

The Help Every Parent Needs To Understand Eating Disorders
and Develop An At-Home Action Plan
(To Restore Your Daughter's Health & Reclaim Her Future)

What You're About to Discover …

  • How to avoid the lethal
    side effects of an
    Eating Disorder
  • How to recognize the signs of an Eating Disorder and stop it in it's tracks
  • The secrets of those who have fought and beaten Eating Disorders including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and others
  • What your Doctor can't or won't tell you about Anorexia Nervosa

At last , a single easy-to-read book ends the confusion about Eating Disorders, their effects, and treatment - with clear advice from World-Leading Experts

EBook-Eating Disorders

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Dear carer

I've emerged from the most terrifying and bewildering battle in my life. And I want to help you avoid some of the most terrible pitfalls, which I was very fortunate to escape.

I know what it's like when the terms "Anorexia" or "Eating Disorder" or "Bulimia" first get used in your house about your family. I still remember when it became clear my daughter was suffering from Anorexia Nervosa - I was blind-sided - taken by complete and utter surprise.

As the parent of a daughter with an Eating Disorder, this might be the most important message you will ever read.

My name is Kathryn*, and as a carer, I helped my daughter fight and beat an Eating Disorder. And I will share everything I learned with you.

Probably much like you, I was terrified when I first encountered an Eating Disorder. Once I knew our 'baby girl' had Anorexia, I was overcome with fear and questions :

All the while, no matter what I read, or who I spoke to, no one seemed to agree on what we should do, NOW, to save my loved one.

My first reaction was to 'Google' all the major terms about the illness. I spent 72 hours with a total of 6 hours sleep, collating, copying and formatting all the advice I could find online. You're probably wondering what I did with all that effort and research ? The answer is … NOTHING ! All I'd managed to do was condense a world of conflicting opinions, self-proclaimed experts, stories of pain and loss and suffering. Once I carefully read all the information I now had in my hands, I was lost and terrified. I could see no help in sight.

Then it hit me. After reading the full stories of some of these sufferers, I realized my beautiful girl was actually at risk of dying. Dead, at 14 years of age ! As it dawned on me I might outlive my child , my hands shook uncontrollably and I just cried - I sobbed in fact, in a way I never have - for hours that felt like days. This beautiful girl … what has gone wrong ? Why us ?

Which is why I'm writing this now. In this day and age, many of us rely on the internet for advice. But I had this sinking feeling the information I'd found was downright dangerous. It turns out a lot of it was, in fact it was potentially lethal !

I then started buying books - dozens of them - anything I could find on Amazon, Google searches and Ebay, I ordered all of them. Books by experts, books by sufferers, about families who had won, and families who had lost. They arrived over a period of 2 weeks, and I took one month's leave from work to read them all, cover-to-cover. I took comprehensive notes in my 'Fight Journal' as it became known (as I learned more about EDs I realized I was in the fight of my life).

And guess what ? The opinions of all these educated and experienced people all differed hugely ! I couldn't find one book that gave me confidence it contained the answer for my loved one. I was drowning in information, and couldn't think what to start doing to help my beautiful fragile girl.

DaughterI became so frustrated with the judgmental looks from other mothers at school, and their effect on my husband and I, as if we caused our daughter to want to diet herself to death. They clearly had decided it was all my fault. And here I was, doing so much, but making no difference.

I cringed at the thought of the school formal when this little girl might be expected to wear a backless dress and people would see her in a state like some of the Hollywood starlets who look like bags of bones. Really I wondered if she would even be able to go to a prom in her state, as I pictured her in a hospital bed with tubes in her nose.

There was no way I could find any feelings of hope or positive ways forward. I felt completely confused and helpless. As the weeks wore on, this previously beautiful child looked worse every day. She became ruder and more withdrawn, and at times it was like she absolutely hated everyone, especially us, her parents.. Arguments started over nothing. Time at the dinner table was filled with anger and hurt. We watched while she behaved like a thing possessed !

Her father came close to moving out, and he was so angry with this little girl, all the time.

I found an online E-Book promising a cure for EDs and success in a few weeks ! I thought I had struck gold, but my faith in human nature was destroyed after reading hundreds of pages of incomprehensible drivel and a heap of links encouraging me to buy meditation CD's. Worst of all, I had wasted precious time and money on a dead end.

I then found super-expensive overseas clinics advertising guaranteed success. In this book I also cover one of the most famous clinics ever to treat sufferers, the same one attended by Bronte Cullis. I also found a local clinic offering an outpatient service, and visited and met some of the young girls under their care. I have tears in my eyes now as I write this, this is such an unforgiving illness. I also spoke to some specialists, but it just made things even more confusing.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The confusion and conflict in information continued. It was then I knew I had to seek outside help and see someone face to face, I had delayed it in the vain hope we'd make some progress. We'd continued with faith in our family doctor, who was comfortable, and openly suggested we were dealing with a teenage 'phase'. Our daughter happily agreed she would get better soon. So why was I still so terrified ? I had read by now hundreds of horror stories of misdiagnosis and inaction. I was later to learn the Doctor and my daughter were behaving exactly as the eating disorder wanted. We were deep in the grip of 'Ana'.

At that point I started contacting specialists from all over the World. I found out some much more structured information. There was still differing opinions about what I should do, but I found people who could commit clear advice and suggestions about taking action. The challenge was understanding … who is right ?

To cut short my long story, this is when I started to make real progress. I solidified the best advice from all the online resources, all the books and all the specialists. My "Fight Journal" was becoming a real "How To" manual.

I turned the best of the best into a book I could refer to. I had stumbled upon my AT HOME ACTION PLAN kind of accidentally.. I identified and listed how to avoid all the horror stories. I found a way to acknowledge, unravel and attack this lethal disease on my home ground.

It's not like there wasn't plenty of information available, it's just that it was spread far and wide. People disagreed on not only what I should do, but how and when I should do it.

I was able to find the secret to help her father cope with his disappointment and anger, and restore his unconditional love and care for our little girl.

I'm not saying I'm a medical professional - I'm definitely not. I'm not even saying I am incredibly clever, I'm a typical mother-next-door. I can read and write reasonably but I'm no genius, by any stretch. BUT, I believe it is my job to care for and protect my daughter. Just like it is any parent's job to step between this runaway illness and their child.

The first responsibility, like everything else in parenting, is to find the right advice, and then decide how to act on that advice to suit the family. I don't believe anyone can or should outsource this responsibility to anyone, including medical doctors, or hospitals and clinics.

If you're prepared to buy all the books and browse all the information on all the websites and talk to experts round the world, I honestly believe you will also find a way to begin treating this illness from home. If you're a caring parent or other responsible adult like me, you can do it ! But, be ready for the confusion and disappointment, and the mess of differing views and advice.

The idea of this E-Book is to save you the precious time needed to become knowledgeable about Anorexia, Bulimia and other EDs. Time is so important - you need to act as soon as possible to arrest the progress of this disease.

I'm not saying there is a one-size-fits-all treatment - there is NOT ... and anyone who claims there is, is either lying or ignorant. However, with the right knowledge, you can and will learn how to find and implement the right treatment for your loved one.

With the knowledge, extra determination and resolve gained as a direct result of the information I gathered, I went on to document the secrets to fight and beat this disease in your home environment .

I have uncovered stories of many Eating Disorder survivors, and documented the experience of them and their families. Hear from parents who've been through this turmoil and emerged victorious. I can say, with absolute certainty, many of these children would not be here now if the information contained in this E-Book had not been acted upon.

I don't want you to feel as helpless as I did. Eating Disorders At Home is the How To Guide to start your successful battle to beat this terrifying illness. Together with your daughter you can restore a bright future and escape the grip of Anorexia, Bulimia and other EDs.


EBook-Eating Disorders

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This EBook is provided via immediate download in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader to view


The struggle my daughter (Bronte Cullis) and our family had with Anorexia Nervosa was documented by Ray Martin and Channel 9 and became well-known in Australia and across the World. 

In the most acute stages of Bronte's illness, doctors told me Bronte could not recover and that I should let her die.  This led me on a quest, first to secure life saving treatment for Bronte, then to develop a deeper understanding about eating disorders and, most importantly, how to treat them.  

Bronte is now a happy and healthy adult, and has written her own book about the ordeal. She has accomplished so much with her life to date, even though doctors gave up hope for her.

There is hope. And you can act. This e-Book is a great starting point to begin your shared journey to recovery.

Be strong

Jan Clarke
Bronte's Mum
Consultant - The Bronte Centre




Jan Clarke, Bronte's Mum

Quick Preview of the Information You'll Have At Your Fingertips :


Having an Eating Disorder is a stressful situation for both the individual and family members. There is always hope for recovery from the illness. Eating Disorders are treatable.

The recovery process starts with individuals' motivation and determination to get better, and the personal support they receive from family members and others. Individuals are strongly recommended to obtain professional treatment and self-help resources such as this eBook so they can gain maximum control over their eating disorders and take self-responsibility in the treatment process.

There are many people who have successfully overcome their ED and are living a fruitful and happy life. Recovery from Eating Disorders is an active process and it is very achievable.

Sau Fong Leung




Smart Eating Website

I also found some other helpful and inspiring books during my research, which I've found helpful :


Meditation for Everyday LivingMeditation for Everyday Living

Meditate Successfully Through Difficult Times

Eating Disorders take a terrible mental toll on sufferers and their families. Meditation can help both your daughter and you deal with the pressure placed on you as you fight this illness together.

This E-Book gives some great tips to have some 'you time'. You'll be amazed how refreshed and vitalized you'll feel after practicing a small amount or relaxation meditation each day. This book shows you how.

A value of $33 alone, Meditation for Everyday Living is included free when you purchase Eating Disorders At Home

This bonus EBook is provided via immediate download in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader to view


Self Improvement HandbookThe Self Improvement Handbook

Positive Affirmations For Teenagers

A huge downside to Eating Disorders is their ability to destroy the hopes and aspirations of teenagers, and cloud judgment to the point of a complete loss of reality.

Concentrating on the meaning of Self Improvement, rather than modelling behavior of others, can be a powerful distraction from bad habits and an asset in building a bright future.

Recommended price for this handbook is $19, but it will be included free of charge with your order of Eating Disorders At Home

This bonus EBook is provided via immediate download in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader to view


Self Esteem GuideBoosting Self Esteem Guide

Help Achieve Life Goals Through Positive Thinking

Eating Disorders make a sufferer feel worthless and undeserving. The age-old principles of positive self-image outlined in the Boosting Self Esteem Guide may help in the recovery process. What wethink of ourselves and how we see our future plays a large part in the actual results we achieve.

This E-Book is valued at $17 as a single purchase, but you'll receive a free copy together with your purchase of Eating Disorders At Home. The free E-Book will be delivered immediately with the link sent by email upon purchase

This bonus EBook is provided via immediate download in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader to view


OKAY I know I need this E-Book. What's all this going to cost ?

When I first bought the many books needed to understand all the dangers of Eating Disorders, I spent over $1,200 just in Amazon and local bookstore purchases. Money was no object, but I was fortunate to be able to afford such an investment at that time (and I've since invested much more time and money in further books and expert consultation). I wanted to put all this information in reach of anyone who needs it, so the E-Book, with it's wealth of information, and all the bonus material, is priced at just $79.

That's a fraction of what you'd need to spend on hardcover books, and it's instantly delivered to you with a link sent by email. No delay, no wait for freighted books, and instant access to the wealth of the information I have crystallized from all the books and experts consulted over the last 5 years. For just $79, you'll be in a position of knowledge and power to act against this Eating Disorder, immediately.


I have added this section as a recent bonus, and it is a genuine limited offer. I received feedback from a couple of mothers who emailed me to say $79 is still a big investment in these tough financial times. Even though they said they need the book and will part with the money to help their daughter, they each said it would be nice if I could supply it cheaper or free of charge.

I'm not doing this purely to try to recoup the money I have spent in books and research, because I HAD TO do it anyway for my loved one. I would however like to reinvest in improving this site and producing more helpful ED information over time.

For now, I have decided to reduce the book asking price for the short-term, and you can get the E-Book and all bonuses for a single purchase price of $59, saving $20 from the original price.

I've always set out to get this book to as many families as possible, and I hope this offer will give you access to your copy which you can put to use now.

$20 slashed off the book price for a short time

I hope this makes your decision even easier to be able to buy this book and set your loved one on her path to recovery. I may need to adjust the price upwards to $79 (or slightly more) later, but for now, $59 is the price to get all the information and bonuses for immediate download. I hope it helps you as much as it has other families, including mine.


Money Back Guarantee

I've been where you are, and I know you don't want to make any bad decisions on behalf of your daughter. Now is not the time to spend money on advice that doesn't work for you. I personally guarantee this E-Book will help you.

Once you have read this book in its entirety, you will feel empowered, more knowledgeable, less fearful, and ready to do battle with this illness and save your daughter. I truly believe this book will allow you to take the action you need to regain control.


If you don't feel the E-Book achieves this for you, I promise (and I insist you ask for) a full refund of the purchase price any time within 60 days from purchase. In fact if you are not happy for any reason I will provide a full refund. This refund will be happily provided, along with my sincere wishes you will find an alternative path for your girl, and I really mean that from the depths of my soul. I know how debilitating the fear of this illness can be. Also, you can keep with my compliments all the bonuses included, as they may still be of use to you in future.

Please buy this book knowing it has been written to help you avoid the dangers of this illness and save your daughter. If after reading it you feel it doesn't help you, or for any reason, any time within 60 days, your money will be returned to you, guaranteed.

ClickbankNOTE : The guarantee is also underwritten by Clickbank, one of the World's most respected online payment / E-Book marketplaces, (and the best way I can effectively distribute the E-Book to you) so in addition to my own personal promise, your money is available any time during those 60 days with a genuine independent 3rd party in Clickbank.

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Containing the information you need to start on the road to your daughter's recovery :

What You Get Value Your Investment
Eating Disorders At Home 120-page E-Book – current edition $79.00 $59.00
Bonus #1 Meditation for Everyday Living E-Book $33.00 FREE
Bonus #2 $19.00 FREE
Bonus #3 Boost Self Esteeem Guide E-Book $17.00 FREE
Total Value
Current Price
$79.00    $59.00
Your Saving

That's everything I know is needed to make your start to defeat this illness.

With the information included in the E-Book and bonuses, you will achieve those all-important steps of being prepared to fight this Disorder - KNOWLEDGE, RESOLVE and TIME.

The speed of access to the information gives you the knowledge and saves the time it would otherwise take to scan books, libraries and websites.

The information gained will harden your resolve to save your daughter. Please don't delay this process, help your loved one while she needs your support and direction. Get started now by ordering securely here.

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This EBook is provided via immediate download in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Reader to view

What you Must Do !!

You MUST take immediate steps at home. A parent's love and positive action are two of the most powerful weapons against Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. You need resolve and time, and most importantly knowledge. And you need to gain that knowledge quickly.

In the book I share the positive steps achieved fighting this illness, and provide words of support and wisdom from some of the World's Leading Experts in Eating Disorders.

Our life was transformed by the strategies outlined in this E-Book. I'm confident yours will be too.

So there is my story, or at least the important part. This book proves many people have successfully treated and cured their loved ones, just as you can save your daughter. I’m sure you have the same unconditional devotion these parents showed. Your daughter deserves the most complete love and attention you can give.

Everything I went through was worth it in the end. This E-Book however gives you a major advantage by avoiding the delays and confusion which plague everyone in our position. If I had something like this 4 or 5 years ago, I would have saved the world of hurt myself and her family went through during those early months and ensuing years.

I’m proud to offer you this How To manual, Eating Disorders At Home. I hope it fills you with the knowledge, strength and love you need to restore the future of your darling daughter.

Yours in solidarity

Kathryn Herbert MBA *

PS  Please remember I stand unreservedly by my promise this will help you as it helped me. If it doesn’t you have a 60 day no risk 100% money back guarantee backed by Clickbank. You don’t need to be spending money on unhelpful information at this crucial stage in your daughter’s fight

PPS All the bonuses are yours to keep regardless, and there is some great reading in those materials alone

PPPS As mentioned I am happy to offer the reduced price of $59 while I’m able, it may not be for much longer, so please take advantage of this now, if you can

* I have written this book under a pseudonym to protect the identity of myself and my loved one, as she prefers not to share our ordeal publicly. My MBA qualifications, experiences, and all other information on this website and content published in the E-Book is guaranteed completely factual. Experts names and links to relevant evidence are all provided within the E-Book.